Friday, October 14, 2011

Oogie Boogie Costume - Building the Mask (Part 2)

Hi All,

After I completed my base "helmet" of plaster, I turned my attention to the facial features. Granted, Oogie Boogie is nothing but a burlap sack full of snakes and bugs (cussin' awesome), but his facial features make him one of the memorable characters in the movie, IMO. 
To give me the most flexibility, I decided to try my hand with Styrofoam, thinking that it would be light enough to wear for a long period of time, while at the same time keeping its shape well. I picked up a bunch of hobby Styrofoam, a foam cutter, and foam-specific hot glue from Hobby Lobby. 
While there, I couldn't help but notice that I was the only Y chromosome in the store. I think I caused mild confusion and an overall general disruption with my presence. It probably didn't help that I was buying a bunch of random foam.

The next night, I started with the mouth. 

To make the Oogie Boogie mouth, I cut a piece of foam into the general  mouth-like shape, cut notches, broke it, and used hot glue to shape it into a curve. Then I carved out the area around the nose and under the eyes so that I had a good surface to glue it to the plaster.

I trimmed the foam to better make the shape of the upper lip, and then trimmed the piece I cut off to serve as the bottom lip.

Yeah, it made me look like a duck. 

I wasn't too concerned, though - I saw the bigger picture. The eyes would change everything, I thought, so I turned my attention to them. To the foam, at least.

Yeah, foam rocks. After a little cutting, a little grooving, a little breaking, a little glueing, a little trimming, and a little shaping, the eyes started to look really good.

So I glued them onto the "helmet." It made me happy.

Next, I moved onto the top and back of the head - I'll post more about the cone shortly. It was crazy fun to work with. 
BTW, who uses those foam cones to make little Christmas trees, anyway? Halloween Town can make much better use of them...


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