Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oogie Boogie Costume - Building the Mask (Part 3)

Hi All,

OK, now to finish up the structure of the mask.
To make sure that the "peak" of Oogie Boogie's head retained the distinct cone-like shape, I used a foam cone that I think was designed to make little decorative Christmas trees. Keeping the theme of the movie alive, I stole something from Christmas to serve Halloween. :)

Once I determined the general location I wanted to attach the cone to the helmet, I went to town with the foam cutter and some pottery tools. 
(BTW, a set of pottery tools are perfect for carving pumpkins as well. Keep an eye out for pumpkin-carving-related posts.)

I then glued the cone to the top/back of the helmet, but it was waaay too long and pointy for my tates. Oogie Boogie's cone has a bit of a sag to it.

So, I used the awesome foam cutting tool to remove notches from the cone, broke it, and used hot glue it to make a more natural curve.

It was still too long, though, so I cut the tip to a much more manageable size and shape.

A buddy of mine gave me a great suggestion for bulding my mask - Great Stuff!
The extremes of the eyes and mouth were a good distance from the places where I glued the foam to the plaster, and too flimsy for my taste. So, I used Great Stuff to fill the empty spaces where the foam was not glued to the plaster.

After it dried, and the foam was set, I trimmed it to open up visibility, and allow for smoother points to attach the burlap. With that, the structure of the mask was done.

Up next: Adventures in Burlap!


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