Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween 2012

Hi All,

Now that I've closed the loop on our costumes from last year, I'm pleased to introduce our theme for this year.

Greek Mythology: Of Gods and Monsters

Macey has always had an interest in Greek Mythology (I may have helped instill this), and is particularly fascinated with Medusa. So, when she suggested that she wanted to be Medusa, Courtney and I got to looking and found some fun costume ideas.

Courtney found a great Medusa costume for Macey from Chasing Fireflies, and while browsing the same site, found an awesome Cyclops costume for Jackson. He's still young enough to go along with our ideas - next year will probably be tougher to come together as a family.

Courtney then found a dress that has a definite Greek inspiration. After looking at her choice, I thought that it was fitting of a more natural, earth-like goddess. With her short hair and this dress, I suggested Artemis. She had no problem with this, so I figured that my choice was apparent. I would go as Apollo.

So, for our Greek Mythology: Of Gods and Monsters theme, here is our lineup:

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