Saturday, October 15, 2011

Macey and Jackson's Costumes Arrive

Hi All,

So the kids' costumes arrived today. We were worried that Jackson wouldn't want to wear his costume, but we had to fight to get it off of him. Hopefully he'll like it as much when it's Halloween-party time.
As I anticipated, the costumes are way too big for the kids. In Macey's case, we had no choice, but in Jackson's case, I was hoping that the larger size would better represent his character's outfit. It should do just fine.
Good thing that Granny is excellent with a sewing machine - these costumes shouldn't take too much work to alter. (Thanks in advance, Denise!)

Of course, more pictures of these two cuties will follow. :)



  1. Nice costumes for kids. Excellent choice! It amazes me so much as most kids costumes are very plain and boring. This one definitely is not. 1920's costumes

  2. Thanks, sir - we had a fun time this year. I need to take some time and finish up this series of blog entries, now that I think about it.
    Consider it added to my to-do list. :)